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David West and Felicity Gardner have a best friend who inspires them so much, they had to write a book about him. Their best friend’s name is Banjo and he is the older, wiser dog sharing all of his advice in The Complete Guide to a Dog’s Best Friend. Lots of children ask many questions about Banjo when Felicity visits schools, so here are some answers to some of those fun questions:

How old is Banjo?

He is almost 3 years old. His Birthday is the 4th of March.


What Breed is Banjo?

Banjo is a Wire Hair Fox Terrier.


What is Banjo’s favourite food?

Banjo loves eating chicken, but there are some foods he will do anything for like cheese. He will do all of his tricks for a tiny piece of cheese! But we don’t give him cheese very often because it can make him sick. One time, he was very naughty and found a packet of little chocolates and secretly ate them all up! We had to rush him to the vet and give him medicine straight away because dogs are allergic to chocolate.


What does Banjo love to do?

Banjo loves going for walks, sticking his head out the window when we go for drives, swimming at the beach and cuddling up on your lap or at your feet. In fact, he spends most of his days sleeping under my desk while I illustrate books.


What does Banjo hate?

He really doesn’t like to have a bath or a haircut. He also hates cats, they are his absolute worst enemies. Sometimes we like to dress him up in silly costumes for Halloween and Christmas, he doesn’t seem to like it very much but will let us take a photo and then will try to destroy the costume while he is still wearing it!


Is Banjo ever naughty?

Sometimes he can be a little naughty. When he was a puppy, he really liked to steal things, like David’s socks and my pencils. Once he found a smelly dead rat in the backyard and decided to bring it into the house to show us. He also is suspected to have eaten a frog, which was David’s class pet. But for the most part, he is a good dog who just loves to be with his best friends and getting a belly scratched.

Who is Banjo?