Felicity Gardner is an illustrator who creates picture books for young people, and people who are young at heart. She is the illustrator behind the books Where’s My Potty?,   Snowy & Snuffles and the soon to be released My Grumpy Day. 

Felicity grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, where most of her childhood was spent drawing pictures of anything on everything. Her favourite day of the week was when she was allowed to order lunch from the canteen. The canteen ladies always got a special well decorated lunch bag order surprise!

After discovering that you could get jobs where you could be paid to draw, Felicity set her sights on making a career out of her passion. After graduating from a Diploma of Fine Arts and an Advanced Diploma in Design and Illustration she set her sights on becoming a children’s book illustrator. In 2013, her first book Where’s My Potty? was released, shortly followed by Snowy and Snuffles. 

Besides spending her days doodling in her studio, she enjoys nothing more than going on walking adventures with her dog Banjo, travelling the world/suburb (depending on how fat their piggy bank is) with her husband David and taking care of her garden.

Felicity is always more than happy to hear from you, just shoot her through an email at felicitygardner@gmail.com and she will be sure to respond as quick as her fingers can type!